Owen Gray/Deeplush

A few years ago, I had a sort of man-crush on James Deen. I thought he was the kind of fucker I longed to be. That was, until I learned that, at a minimum, he handled an abuse accusation poorly, and that, maximally, he was a serial abuser. Fuck James Deen.

Recently, I’ve been watching Owen Gray, and he’s occupying a space similar to that James Deen occupied all those years ago. I don’t find Owen Gray particularly attractive. He’s covered with tattoos, and they are, to my mind, distracting. But he’s got a way about him, a way of interacting with women, and of presenting himself with them, that I really fucking like.

This clip, with someone “named” Braylin Bailey, has all the traits I’m really enjoying: starting with some emotional intimacy (kissing, clothed). Rapidly escalating. INTENSE eye contact. An enviable, never-wilting cock, deployed to great effect. And, a commitment to delivering, and extracting, maximum pleasure.


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