A note on Elementor, and on Effie

As I wrote the other day, I’ve recently started using Elementor. I can’t really explain what it is, because I don’t really understand what it is. Mostly, it seems to be a set of changes to the way WordPress works that causes me to do things I don’t want to, and not to be able to do things I used to be able to do.

Alternatively: it seems to be a really cool, powerful tool, that requires a paid staff (or Effie?) to put to proper use.

And, speaking of Effie….

The other night, Effie made her presentation. I’d like to share it with you, but in order to do that, I need her to share it with me. I thought she might already have done so, but if she did, she’s un-shared it. It’s not visible in my (super-hot) Google Drive. Her presentation was hot. That doesn’t even begin to do it justice. She nailed her assignment. She gave me lots to think about, made excellent curatorial decisions, and we had lots of fun working our way through all the options.

And of course, SHE was hot…. (The woman to my left as she made it was hot, too, but I lost track of her about twenty seconds into my time with Effie, who captured 110% of my attention.) Effie is short. She’s built/stacked. Covered in tattoos. Not my typical type. But lots of fun to hang with/look at. We/she definitely caught a lot of gazes.

I can’t really reconstruct the evening (I was high/drunk/intoxicated by her), other than to list the following highlights:

  1. Extensive, high-quality, talented, cock-sucking
  2. Masturbation (hers) standing on a bed, facing me
  3. Delicious cunt-licking and surprising multiple piercings (some day I’ll write more about my sensations on encountering her piercings – spoiler – it was dark, I couldn’t see, and I was momentarily very confused)
  4. Lots of good cuddling

My cock softened toward the end of the cock-sucking – we had targeted a 4-hour fiesta, but we started late, and my wilting cock led me to (choose to) come sooner rather than later. I wrote the other day about some thoughts I have had about my cock’s tendency to wilt of late. Certainly, my cock’s withering had little/nothing to do with Effie, whose body – all 5’0″ of it – is pretty much this boy’s dream, and whose pretty face and coke-bottle glasses are similarly dreamy.


There will, I trust/hope, be more of Effie. Both in the design of this web site, and in its content. 🙂

And…. here’s a picture of her.

I’ve cropped out her face, even though she was comfortable with my sharing it. I’m afraid I’m not…. Here’s a second picture, which I thought was particularly hot/communicative of just how she is hot:

Effie's back

And, here’s a recording of her deliciously coming for me. For you. For us.

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