Meet Gina – memory and fantasy

Gina* has bright green eyes, straight brunette hair, just to her chin, and a wide, infectious smile. She’s 5’5″, has perfectly round C-cup breasts, and a penchant for wearing outfits that tease a glimpse without, actually, providing it. Long skirts with high slits. Short skirts/dresses. Low-cut blouses. Sheer blouses. Tank tops with low-cut arm-holes. Somehow, in spite of her sartorial preferences, she exudes a sort of sex-less-ness that I’ve never quite understood. In spite of how easy she is on the eyes (and how much I like her as a person), I feel nothing – I mean, nothing – in my nether regions when I look at or imagine her.

In this post, I make a self-conscious effort to recruit Gina into my sexual universe, slotting her into the core fantasy I’ve been ruminating on in recent days.

Gina’s role (in this fantasy) is to work for me, to do as I wish, to be my “Secretary,” if not my secretary (or the secretary). On this page, I wrote about some of the work I might have such a “Secretary” do for me. But in this moment, with this particular… amanuensis… I have a bunch of other tasks in mind.

  1. Of course: dress as requested. There’s just no reason my Secretary shouldn’t dress as requested every. Fucking. Day. Every item. In fact, an antecedent requirement: she should make for me a comprehensive, updated-in-real-time catalog of her wardrobe. Sorted/viewable better than most shops’ online stores, allowing me to build an outfit from the bottom up.
  2. When in my presence: adjust her position as requested. Lean forward, give me a slightly better view of those pretty breasts. Sit back and open her thighs just a bit – give me a slightly better view of her creamy thighs, of her panties. (The panties I will have selected.)
  3. And now, we make it to the actual job description. Gina’s job – what she will occupy herself with full-time – is to make my core fantasy happen – and not just happen, but happen over and over and over, repeatedly, without end. To preside over the process that will culminate in my being in a bar with, say, five women, dressed as I choose, ready to retreat somewhere for an oral festival.

So that’s the job, but what are the responsibilities along the way? Well, for one, binders of women. I want Gina to solve this problem, aggressively, in a self-directed way. Maybe it’ll include FetLife. Maybe OKCupid. Or Tinder. Or Bumble, or Hinge, or Feeld. Maybe Seeking. Who knows? All I know is that I will get a daily report on all the women Gina has approached, in an elegant, highly produced, format: a page on each, say, with all the photos she has seen, with a summary of any back-and-forth that may have happened and the current status of the candidate. Here – I made a sort of prototype, just for fun:

Eventually, I will want Gina not just to be doing this work virtually, but in-person, to be meeting with, interviewing, the candidates. And, perhaps, more than that. I will want photos from each interview. Maybe a short video/interview from each meeting. And, a conclusory recommendation.

On Wall Street, firms often have something called a “super Saturday” when they recruit young analysts and associates: they bring in five or ten or fifteen or twenty people to compete for one or three or five positions. A crucial aspect of the selection process is watching the various candidates interact with one another. Are they competitive? Supportive? Fearful? Confident? Are they team players? Out for themselves? All of this presents the hiring firm with a rich picture of the people they’re evaluating.

Gina will arrange something similar for me.

Our “Super Saturday” will be in a private room in a nice restaurant. Gina will help me dress all the attendees. There will be, perhaps, ten, or maybe twenty, candidates. Everyone is pre-selected, so no one will be rejected. The only question being answered – other than how much fucking fun can be had at such an event – is who should be paired with whom? If there are ten, then we’ll be planning three or four dates with 2-10 women present. If there are twenty? Maybe 5-10 dates with 2-20 women present. The whole point of this get-together will be to observe everyone’s chemistry with everyone. Who clicks best? Who is bossy? Who is more submissive? And Gina will, in addition to taking copious notes (and perhaps filming discreetly various interactions), issue some directions. “You,” she might say – “play with yourself a little while N eats his eggs.” Or, “You, just sit next to N and stroke his cock….”

At the end of it, Gina will propose the various dates – where, when, who. I will, almost certainly, accept her recommendations with only the slightest of modifications. And she will, simply, make them happen for me.

How’s that?

* Note: there’s another, real, Gina. She is one of my two or three most loyal readers. But it’s not she who I had, visually, in mind when I wrote this. And/but…. who knows – maybe she’d like to fulfill this role for me. 🙂

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