Drunken thoughts

I’ve got a lot of draft posts waiting. Life has overtaken me, as it does, occasionally.


My country fucking sucks. We have a president who is, genuinely, great, at everything except one, which happens to be the most important thing: P.R.

We have a Supreme Court that represents the most retrograde wishes of a minority of our population, intent on imposing their Christian Taliban views on the rest of us.

I read a column by Jennifer Rubin – whom I generally find loathsome – in the Washington Post. I liked the column. It might be my scotch, but I liked the column. Her basic point? We need a fucking leader, someone who will articulate the nearly universal view that all of us just want to be left alone by government. I think, on most issues, this is unifying. It’s not on guns. That’s for sure. But on most other issues, it is.

I often hate the way we on the pro-choice left talk about abortion. We say – not wrongly – that choice is about women’s bodily autonomy. But we miss the fundamental point of our foes: in their perspective, we prioritize one person’s bodily autonomy over another’s life. I don’t agree with this. But I recognize that if we want to win the argument, we are going about it wrong. [Note: I think the vast majority of “pro-life” people are not pro-life, but instead, are anti-woman. Anyone – anyone – who believes in an exception in cases of incest or rape reveals themselves, in my opinion, to be anti-woman. If you think a fetus is a human, if you think abortion is murder, then let’s make a list of the circumstances other than rape or incest in which you think murder is appropriate. And please. Let’s stop calling you “pro-life.”]

I would love it if there were someone – an articulate, attractive, compelling, smart person who was saying, “Fuck all those other issues, I’m here to say, government is here to serve you, not to control you. Your God is your God. Her God is her God. And me? I don’t believe in God, and I shouldn’t be subjected to either of yours….”

Drink enough scotch, have a blog, and, periodically, you’ll post blather.


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