Charlotte is pretty

I could write about Charlotte’s body from head to toe, about her shape (curvy), about her size (short, fit, and meaty/soft without being even slightly big). About her tattoos (a bunch, but not a lot), about her piercings (ears and nipples). I could do all that with adjectives that are more descriptive of my experience, less objective: her body is inviting. Her shape is … well, it’s hard to characterize, but all I can say is that she has all these spots on her body where a curve happens suddenly that feel to me like handles – like places God meant my hands to go, to grip her, grab her, push her, pull her, toss her.

I could write a lot about all that.

Instead, though, today, I’m just writing about her face.

I know a lot about Charlotte, about her sexuality, her desires, her relationships to men. I know the ways in which she’s a slut and the ways in which she’s selective. The ways in which she’s a brat, and the ways in which she’s a good girl. The ways in which she’s innocent and the ways in which she is… well, less so.

Charlotte’s face? Well. It belies all that. To look at Charlotte, at her pale, alabaster skin – clear, unblemished, smooth – and at her eyes – bright, brown hazel – you would think (I thought, for a moment) that she’s a naif. That she’s inexperienced. That she’s vulnerable, innocent. A real-life LRRH. Her face is just. so. pretty. Symmetrical, almost always beseeching, hungry – but not in a desperate way – in a… voracious? way? Voracious doesn’t capture it quite, because there’s no violence in her hunger – just desire. Though somehow it’s desire, without need.

In some ways, Charlotte is vulnerable, innocent (if not so very inexperienced). In others, she’s invulnerable (defended), and whatever the opposite of innocent is (it’s not, in this context, guilty).

There was a moment when I thought Charlotte’s pretty face reminded me of that of the daughter of a “friend.” That was a strange moment, because I was at that friend’s daughter’s birth. But that moment passed. And Charlotte’s face once again was just the very pretty, very inviting, endlessly different, incredibly expressive home to the mouth that belongs wrapped around my cock in every single spare moment I have.

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