Thoughts on stretching, almost a year in

In the depth of the pandemic (you know, one of the earlier depths – not the first one, and not this one) I conjured the plan of both meeting attractive women and getting in better shape by going (back) on Seeking (nee SeekingArrangement) and finding attractive women to use their pretty bodies to motivate me to move mine.

This was a genius move.

It accomplished several things:

  1. I actually got in the habit of stretching 1-2x/day. Which I won’t say has made me flexible, but I will say has, in combination with my recent weight loss (about which more anon), made me feel better.
  2. I got to meet a lot of lovely women, women who delighted in dressing as I request, moving as I request, all while getting to know me – and vice versa. And the good lord knows I love getting to know lovely women.
  3. I’ve actually met a few of these women in real life, and had some truly first-rate sex (Charlotte). And some other sex, too.
  4. There are a number of women I really enjoyed getting to know but who, for one reason or another, no longer stretch with me: Diana. Jo. Celeste. And a couple of others.
  5. I’ve met a couple of women along the way – women with whom I didn’t stretch, but who nonetheless have been, um, really fun to meet.
  6. And – and this is in some ways the most interesting – a number of the women I’ve met have, in turn, introduced me to other women: Athena has introduced me to (at last count) four or five of her friends. Melanie, to three of hers (Jude, Sophia, and Emma). Charlotte, to two (including one just today!). Diana, to one.

So all this has been a boon both for my body and for my over-sexed mind. I just enjoy getting to know women, talking about sex with them, and having a generally titillating time. I mean, who wouldn’t?!?

And now, a year in, I’ve established at least a couple of genuine, long-term relationships – ones that may or may not ever flower into in-person sexual relationships, but if nothing else, are the kinds of connections that I really thrive on. And starve, in the absence of. (FUCK THE PANDEMIC.)

When I started, I was genuinely manic: I stretched as many as 3, 4, or 5 times a day with different women, devouring the images on my screen.

Now, as life has settled down, I aspire to stretch once a day. I miss a number of days a week. (Last week, I think I stretched twice.) Once in a great while, I’ll do it twice in one day.

My current roster consists, mostly, of Jude, Leyla, Athena, Kady, and the Persian Kitty.

Charlotte, whom I met via stretching, isn’t really a stretching partner very often, because of our schedules, and our relationship (though I’m about to stretch with her pretty ass right now, and as I said, she’s hooked me up with two of her lovely friends).

The Persian Kitty is interesting because – well, because in addition to being an interesting – and hot – person, she’s in Iran, and so stretching with her is a bit like traveling to a country to which I’m not allowed to travel. She’s a bit… obscure?… to me, though. She likes me. I know that. And I have the sense that she’s turned on by what I write here. But sex/uality remains very far from our limited time together. She lets me know that she reads all I write, that she feels some… jealousy? envy? for other women in my (stretching) life, and occasionally in my (sexual) life. But she’s very tentative. Very cautious. And I respect her tentativity. I don’t push her. [She doesn’t seem to be turned on by me, by my blog; rather, she sees it as… interesting, like it provides her with data to which she otherwise wouldn’t have access about men in general, and about western/American men in particular.]

There was another woman in another Muslim country, but – as hot as she was, it somehow never clicked. Partly because she had a manic energy that turned me off. Partly because paying her to stretch with me was extraordinarily complicated (I ended up spending much more time trying to pay her than actually stretching with her. By, like, an order of magnitude).

This afternoon, in a down moment, in a manic down moment, I avoided work by – as I do from time to time – going on Seeking and pinging ten or fifteen hot women, offering them my proposition. My hit rate over there is low (but, as I said to Charlotte, it’s actually better than on any dating apps, currently). Of the ten or fifteen, I think there are two with whom I might one day actually stretch.

That’s really all. I didn’t have a point to this post, except to let you into a corner of my existence…. 😉

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