Weight loss

I’ve written a little about this subject, but it’s kinda huge.

On June 13, 2021, I weighed 208.6 pounds. This wasn’t my peak weight in my life, but it was my recent peak. And it. was. a. lot.

I felt fat. I looked fat. I was in pain. My back hurt. My knees hurt.

Now, on December 22, 2021, I weigh 167.4. I’ve lost 41.2 pounds. That’s 1.5 pounds per week. Since the middle of June.

I started with Noom – a kinda cool, exceedingly hyped app. But after about two months, I’d gotten all I needed from Noom (which boiled down to an understanding of calorie density).

But over time, I came to understand that – given how my brain works – Noom’s vaunted psychology wouldn’t work so well for me. What works for me, it turns out, is… spreadsheets.

I think if I had a different orientation to the universe, I might well try to make some money off all this. But. Here it is, in all its glory: my weight loss, in charts and tables.

Current weight:167.4
Today’s date:12/22/2021
Peak weight (6/16)208.6
7/1 weight202
8/1 weight190.6
9/1 weight187.2
10/1 weight177.6
11/1 weight175.2
12/1 weight171
28 days ago weight172.4
Weight lost since peak:41.2
Weight lost since 8/1:23.2
Weight lost since 9/1:19.8
Weight lost since 10/1:10.2
Weight lost since 11/1:7.8
weight lost last 28 days5.0
weekly loss last 28 days1.25
Days since peak198
Weeks since peak28.3
Lbs/week since peak1.5
Weight on 8/1190.6
Days since 8/1143
Weeks since 8/120.4
Lbs./week since 8/11.1
Weight on 9/1187.2
Days since 9/1112
Weeks since 9/116.0
Lbs./week since 9/11.2
Weight on 10/1177.6
Days since 10/182
Weeks since 10/111.7
Lbs./week since 10/10.9
Weight on 11/1175.2
Days since 11/151
Weeks since 11/17.3
Lbs./week since 11/11.1
Weight on 12/1171
Days since 12/121
Weeks since 12/13.0
Lbs./week since 12/11.2
Target weight 1:175
1 lb./wk.
28-day pace
Target weight 2:170
1 lb./wk.
28-day pace
Target weight 3:165
1 lb./wk.1/7/2022
28-day pace1/4/2022
Target weight 4:160
1 lb./wk.2/11/2022
28-day pace2/1/2022
Goals reached:175170165160
First hit10/1611/28
3-day average11/612/4
7-day average11/512/6
28-day average11/1612/17
The top line? my 28-day average; yellow is 7-day average; black is 3-day average
A scatter plot of my weight – note the ups and downs!
The most interesting chart – the derivative of my weight loss – my rate/week, on a 28-day trailing average

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