Charlotte works for me (part 3)

My daylong use of Charlotte continues, following part 2….

At 5 pm, Charlotte received her next (and final) e-mail from me of the day:

Get naked.
Take what you will wear to dinner. (I will have chosen.)
Lay it out on the couch, neatly.
Stand, facing the door, nude, legs apart.
Text me that you’re ready.
Toss the phone to the couch.

At about 5:05, Charlotte wrote me: “I’m in my bra and underwear.”

“That’s not your instructions.”

I waited a beat. Perhaps she had tossed her phone after sending the previous message.

I let myself in, and found Charlotte nude, as instructed. Shy, a bit anxious. I had thought about having her do some more crawling for me, but decided to let her off that particular hook.

“Get dressed,” I said.

Charlotte put on her panties, her bra. She looked at the dress I’d selected. “I need a different bra,” she said. And produced one.

She dressed, and looked, just, phenomenal. Eminently fuckable. Delicious. Her green dress was short. She had a run in her black tights. Her heels were tall. (“I’m tall in heels,” she said, incorrectly. Charlotte is 5’1″.)

“You’re less short in heels,” I corrected her.

We sat down, and I poured her a scotch (to match the scotch I had been drinking as I watched her dress for me). We chatted for half an hour. About her recent move, her apartment, her job, my work. About therapy, about all sorts of things.

And then, we headed out.

I had confirmed the day before that Charlotte is a carnivore. I confirmed this just after making a reservation in a dark red steakhouse a few minutes’ walk from where we were. Charlotte and I walked the 200 yards to the restaurant, waited a few minutes to catch someone’s attention, flashed our proofs of vaccination, and were seated.

Initially Charlotte was a bit put out that I didn’t order a drink. I had had a big pour of scotch already, as well as 0.5mg of THC tincture, and my current relationship with alcohol is that I’m trying to minimize my consumption. Mostly for caloric reasons. She ordered a glass of wine. We ordered a salmon, a steak, some garlicky broccoli, and some roasted potatoes. In addition, we each were served a roasted head of garlic.

The meal was delicious, flavorful, rich. We shared everything. Finished nothing. Had continuing excellent conversation. (We talk really easily, effortlessly.)

It wasn’t even 8 when we left for our next stop….

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