Charlotte, dressing, and edging

With our new rules in place, I’ve decided to bring Charlotte to the edge for a bit, to torture her just a little.

We stretched the other day – twenty minutes of her nipples struggling to escape – and repeatedly succeeding at escaping – from her bra. “They try to escape from everything I wear!” she said.

“They probably wouldn’t if you wore a slightly larger bra….”

“But then it would be too big!”

“Maybe it has something to do with what you think ‘fits’ means….”

After twenty minutes, we had completed our routine. I paid her. “The commercial portion of this interaction is over,” I said. “Now, please edge for me.”

“Now?” she said.


She lay down. Adjusted her camera. Stuck her hand down her shorts. And, twenty seconds later, shuddered and stopped.

“Again, please,” I said. “But this time, I want you to maintain eye contact with me throughout.”

This time, it took maybe fifteen seconds for her to say, “I have to stop.”

We made a little small talk. Discussed what she’d wear today. I asked her, when she got dressed, to edge after putting on each item of clothing, and to send me a photo of each, as she added it.

Charlotte is, as you see, a very, very good girl. She consistently does precisely as I ask.

And here you are, lucky reader/listener:

Aren’t we lucky?!?

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