Another L

I’ve had several L’s over the years. There was the “L” who suggested I start this blog. She was/is the most durable. She’s still a part of my life, though not nearly as much as she used to be. We live close to one another. We chat from time to time. But our relationship d/evolved, a bit. First, we stopped having sex soon after we started, because her husband didn’t like it. For years, we remained close friends. But then, as these things do, that friendship started to atrophy. Not for any good reason – we just grew apart. L’s professional life took a surprising turn, one that was exciting and fun for her, but took her further from me and my personal life. She started hanging out with a different crowd. And, we had a difficult discussion about abortion a few years ago, from which we never really recovered. [tl;dr: I spoke tactically about the potential good things that might come from an inevitable reversal of Roe v. Wade; to her, this was heresy.]

There were some other L’s. Including some whom I didn’t call L, or even a name that began with L, just because there are so many.

Today, there’s a new L. This one is a relatively new, ardent reader. She lives across the pond, and has been causing Woopra to send me an astonishing number of alerts that a “frequent visitor” is visiting. And, that an “intense visitor” is visiting. According to Woopra, she’s visited the blog 223 times in the last 90 days. And loaded 337 pages – eleven of which she loaded while I wrote this post. That puts her in second place, behind a Norwegian reader (334 visits; 440 pages), and ahead of Charlotte in terms of visits, if behind (in third place), in terms of pages. Charlotte has visited 193 times, but has loaded 483 pages.

I love me all that attention.

Well, a couple of days ago, L pinged me using the “PureChat” chat widget you may have noticed in the lower right-hand corner. We’ve had several chats – not very long, as the nature of that widget is that it doesn’t allow for “time-shifted” conversations: when someone happens to catch me online, it’s rarely the case that I’m in a position to chat for long. And thus far, L has opted to confine our communication to the chat widget. No e-mail. No SnapChat. No texts. No Kik.

Nonetheless, I’ve learned a bit about her: she’s in her mid-30s. She’s just discovering her submissive side in the context of a relationship. She has a phenomenal ass. (The chat widget facilitated her sending me a picture of her lovely ass in a burgundy and black patterned lacy pair of boyshort-y bikini bottoms.) And, she sounds really fucking breathy and hot when she comes. She sent me an orgasm via the widget, preceding it by writing, “The words ‘I love fighting a writhing woman with no weapon other than my tongue’ were what finished me off. I used my fingers and would like to unlock the bonus level [sending me the orgasm] if I can work out how to attach the audio.”

I would have loved to share that orgasm with you, but she said the orgasm is just for me. As is, I suspect, her ass. (Though I would very much love to show it to you. I know you’d like it almost as much as I do.) Who knows? Maybe soon she’ll allow me to share something with you. But for now, all you get is this tease.

This is what Google produced when I clicked “Search Google for this image” on her ass, and then asked for “visually similar images.” Not bad, eh?

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