Jo comes for me

I didn’t tell you this about her, but Jo is a flight attendant.

I don’t remember if I knew this from the start or if I learned it, but, like most (straight?) men, I have a fantasy 3,276 fantasies involving flight attendants.

Jo kindly agreed to greet me in her uniform. Jo looks good in a uniform.

I know – the airlines have sexualized flight attendants from the start. It’s awful. And. I’m guilty. The whole thing works on me.

Jo greeted me. She turned around. She lifted her dress, showing me her round ass in her black pantyhose.


I don’t remember anything else, but I have it all preserved on video. Video to which I have jerked myself off several times already. And to which I’m nowhere near done jerking myself off.

By the end of our time together, Jo had removed the dress, and I had drunk in her pretty body in her hose and bra. Before saying goodbye, I had her dress for me again.

Now, I said. Go come for me….

And. She. Did.

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