I don’t know how I missed it, them (a paean)

Her eyes!

You haven’t met Emma, but I have. Three times now. And each time, she’s gotten prettier, hotter, more fun.

It’s not just, not really, her eyes. I mean, her eyes are stellar. Bright. Blue (I think, but, Google Meet isn’t all that precise in its video). Big.

But really, what I missed – and what I have no idea how I missed – until our second session together – is her eye contact.

It rivals mine.

From start to finish as we stretched together for the second time, whenever my instructions positioned her (pretty, slender, tall, nipple-pierced) body such that her eyes faced me, through her screen, they held gaze. Intently. Piercingly. Unrelentingly. (Or at least, it was a COVID-times video simulacrum of eye contact; you never really know nowadays. But I think it was. I think it is. I think it will be.)

I was recently in touch with Isabel. She contacted me, and sent me a couple of tantalizing photos of her very curvy, very pretty body, to thank me for a little listening I did. Isabel was almost the opposite from Emma, when it comes to eye contact: if our eyes met even briefly, in my memory, she would shyly, demurely, avert them. Very different. Equally hot.

But back to Emma: Emma looked up at the screen, pulling one arm across her large B/small C, delicious breasts, straining against a thin cotton tank. As she did so, I couldn’t help but transpose her to a kneeling position, before me, my cock on her glossy lips, her glossy lips on my hard cock. In my mind.

Emma was introduced to me by Melanie, with whom she is friends. And while she and Melanie share one thing in common (spectacular asses), in most every other way, they seem quite different. I’m not one to compare, and I won’t. But Emma’s sexuality isn’t in any way reticent. She has no shyness. No ambivalence evident. I don’t yet know if her eyes are hungry (my sense is yes, generally; no, specifically), but they’re certainly willing. It seems effortless for her to give me all I ask of her. Which, I suppose, means I haven’t yet asked enough. I like a little… effort. A little conflict. It’s hot….

We haven’t yet spent enough time together for me to say much about her, other than that she is cheerful, sunny, and charming. I suspect more will come. I suspect (hope) I will come more. 😉

As with everyone with whom I’ve stretched, I long to preserve her ass (in our second meeting, I heard myself refer to it as “magical”), her face (which I keep complimenting as “so pretty”), her pussy, on my hard drive. I long to stroke my cock until it explodes – her ass, her face, her pussy splayed before me on my screen, and not just in my memory. And I’m not looking, necessarily, for video sex with her; rather, I want to use her help with me in getting in shape to get me off. I asked her permission to do so, to record our sessions, as Celeste, as Diana, as Jo all happily have allowed. To great effect, as far as I’m concerned.

Unusually (perhaps unprecedentedly?), I already have stroked my cock until it explodes simply at my memory of Emma, in the absence of the video goad to my memory, whose permission to preserve for this purpose I crave. But man do I want to come to the incredibly hot vision of her eyes looking up at me. Not to mention, to fill her throat with my cum with her actual eyes looking up at me.

These are her insanely pretty eyes:

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