Favorites (3 – travel)

Travel favorites:

  • Favorite state you’ve visited?
  • Favorite country you’ve visited?
  • Favorite thing about America?
  • Favorite kind of vacation?
  • Favorite way to travel?
  • Favorite place to go with family?
  • Favorite vacation you’ve taken?
  • Favorite thing about traveling?

State: Such an arbitrary thing. I’ve been to every state except Alaska. New York State is my favorite, and it’s big enough that I’ve “visited” lots of parts of it. Favorite parts include NYC, the Adirondacks, the Hudson Valley, and the Catskills. But as far as other states go? I would say, California is the state I most enjoy visiting most often. And South Dakota is the state whose beauty has most wowed me.

Country: South Africa. It’s the most energizing, exciting place I’ve ever been.

Favorite thing about America: the first amendment.

Kind of vacation: I’d love to say it’s one that features the outdoors, but honestly, that’s not correct. My favorite kind of vacation has me in a cozy house in the mountains in winter, with good friends/family, good food, and lots of time. And I need never leave the house.

Way to travel: hitch-hiking. Though that’s not something I’ve done in any material sense in a long time. Close second? Buses/shared taxis. For me, the best part of travel is the people I meet along the way, and there’s no better way to meet random, interesting, exciting people.

Place to go with family: The Brooklyn Bridge. There’s no more beautiful place in the world. (At least none I’ve found, yet.)

Vacation: I’ve had so many very good ones. My honeymoon – in Tunisia. Nearly six months I spent traveling around Africa with a backpack and nothing else when I was 20. Two recent trips with close friends, one to South Africa, and the other, an RV trip from Nashville to New Jersey. Or, a trip I took with my Dad and his husband and my son to Israel and Palestine and the parts of that corner of the world that aren’t either, but aren’t anywhere else, either (see tomorrow’s entry for just a tiny bit more on that).

Thing about vacation: New people! Natch.

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