Bratty subs – they love me?

Far and away, the post on this blog that generates the most traffic is this one – a meditation on bratty subs.

I don’t really know why this post gets so much traffic but, unusually for stuff I write, it comes up first on Google when you search for that particular phrase. My sense is that, generally, people find me more organically, that the people for whom what I resonates stumble on me by following a link from elsewhere. But of my 100-200 readers a day, fully 25% seem to arrive by Googling “bratty subs.”

So I was thinking: for what phrases would I like to turn up at or near the top of the search results? Which phrases make the most sense?

I want your help. This is my first crack at a list, but if you have ideas, I’m all ears. (And thank you to my newest fan, and aspirant distant buddy, whom I’m dubbing “International Woman of Mystery,” for indirectly inspiring this post.)

  • Sensual dominant/dominance (this has a lot of stuff; I’ll have a hard time achieving top status)
  • Thoughtful dominant/dominance (this feels achievable)
  • Male sex blogger (note: I am, indeed, #1 for this search; no one ever searches it, apparently)
  • Give me your panties (this one feels achievable)
  • Public hotness (achievable)
  • Cunnilingus tips (out of reach)
  • Cock worship (surprisingly sufficiently achievable that it sent me off on a little side mission)
  • Guy with a blog (achievable)
  • Dominant blogger (achievable)
  • Listen to women’s orgasms (achievable)
  • Listen to women coming (achievable)

What other suggestions do you have? I want to know.

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