How my mind works

Is there anything I can do that takes virtually no time that I could give you? Words in quick recordings/emails, photos that don’t involve nudity, or other things? I don’t have time, but I would still like to be of service to you.

I love getting a text like this. Marina offered this to me. Here is how I responded. As is always the case with me, both her offer and my response felt to me entirely special, entirely unique to our relationship, in this moment.


I know myself.

Other women have made similar offers at other times, and I’m sure my responses those previous times wouldn’t look all that different to a reader, even if it (they) would feel entirely different to me, in the moment.

That said, here is how (cock hard, in my hand, I responded over the next 3-5 minutes):

1) You may send me an infinite number of photos (and better, 5-15-second videos) of you rubbing your cunt through those clown pants (note to reader: she was wearing clown pants), or playing with your nipples over/through that shirt (note to reader: I previously had seen the very soft t-shirt she wore).

2) You may send me series of photos of you opening your thighs/exposing your cunt for me.

3) You may lick or fellate an object for me.

4) You may write, in your handwriting, anything for me, as long as you use the word “cock” repeatedly.

5) You may change t-shirts for me.

6) You may give me glimpses of your panties. (Note to reader: I had chosen that she wear red below her waist; she had chosen to wear red panties. Which I previously had seen.)

7) You may jot little notes describing fragmentary thoughts about 48 hours. (Note to reader: previously, I had taken ownership of her cunt for 24 hours. About which I hope to get around to telling you soon. And, soon, I plan ti take ownership for 48 hours. She is sitting on a document in which I lay out some of my thoughts. Which I also hope to share with you.)

8) You may propose additions to this list (in writing).

9) You may propose shorts/t-shirts/bras/bralettes/panties to wear for our upcoming [Zoom] date.

10) You may send me images of men or women you find hot.

And here is just a glimpse at the hotness that followed, over the following hour:

Note to future distant buddies: I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHIT.

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