Mind fuck?

f7475e28744d2225e79069a08c2aa4f9Let’s start here.

We have an endpoint. The endpoint, of course, will arrive when my cock is in your mouth for the first time.

(The endpoint will not be an endpoint, though; it will serve as its own starting point.)

And we have a starting point.



In between?

Between the starting point and the ending point, much will transpire.

Your pussy will drip, ache, throb. You (I) will fulfill it and deny it. You (I) will grant you(rself) pleasure. And you (I) will withhold it.

Throughout, my cock will ache, throb, twitch. You (I) will make it swell, painfully. You (I) will bring about the circumstances in which it explodes. Repeatedly. To the thoughts of our endpoint (starting point).

Initially, you will find it challenging to do as I ask, to give me what I want, even as you feel yourself compelled to try, hard, to push yourself, harder.

As time passes, you will find it less challenging, and more rewarding. You will crave my requests (almost?) as much as you crave my cock. But my requests will be more forthcoming. And their fulfillment, your fulfillment of them, will pave the road toward my cock.

Let’s start down that road.

Shall we?


wicked wednesday


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