Your blue dress

Sit before me in your blue dress.

No, wait. Stand, turn around, let me see your ass. Bend over. Touch your toes. Straighten up and turn back around again. Lift up the side. I want to see the dress’s slit.

Pull it to the side just enough so I can see your (my) red panties – just a hint of them. Yes, please.

Touch yourself a little. Touch your cunt through your panties. Is it warm? Is it hot? Can you feel it through your panties? Tell me.

If it’s wet, reach in. Touch yourself scoop out a little of the wetness for me and taste it.

If it’s not wet touch yourself, lightly.

Make little circles around your clit.

Tease the side of your cunt.

Tease your lips.

Are you getting wet yet? Tell me. I want you to be wet.

When you’re good and wet I want you to start touching yourself. Start giving yourself pleasure, bringing yourself close to orgasm.

We’re in a rush, so please, a little more urgency.

How quickly can you get yourself off for me?

How quickly can you make yourself come while you listen to my voice, while you watch me stroking my cock, while you imagine it sliding into your mouth, into your cunt.

Are you getting close?

Tell me.