Male sex blogger in the house

There’s a whole community of sex bloggers out there, but not a lot of male sex bloggers. I’m the only male sex blogger I know (at least who’s anything like I am). Women write the vast majority of sex blogs. Male sex bloggers tend to be either gay or exhibitionists. Or both. There are a few straight ones, and a few good straight ones. I particularly like Guy New York, even as I find myself angered by my envy. And annoyed by what feels to me like a somewhat standoffish, one-note book-promotion effort.

There aren’t really any other blogs like this one out there.

Look what happens if you Google “male sex blogger.” It’s kinda ridiculous. Go ahead. See below. Or do it yourself.

male sex blogger

To the best of my knowledge, I’m pretty much the only sensual dominant guy writing a sex blog. The only monogamish guy writing a sex blog. The only navel-gazing recovering “sex addict” writing a sex blog.

I’m not sure why. Sometimes I wonder about it.

I haven’t found anyone else writing as I do about sex clubs, about dominance, about BDSM generally. I haven’t found anyone who writes what Fifty Shades of Grey should have been. About good girls, about telling women to come for me and collecting their orgasms. Let alone about how all this shit works on me (him).

Once upon a time, Jefferson wrote a blog – “One Life Takes Two” – that was similar (and that was, in some ways, an inspiration for this blog). But he went down a kinda disturbing rabbit hole.

Anyway – I haven’t seen very many such blogs, but I’d be interested to read them, if you know of any.


    1. A quick googling shows nothing that supports my theory (no idea now why I thought that, but I’m probably wrong).

      As a note: If you want to find your kin, they are all on Fetlife writing writerly stuff with gazillions of swooning submissive fangirls. A dime a dozen :).


    2. I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that they’re different. (They look different, and read different, in photos and words I’ve encountered.) Guy New York doesn’t appear to me to be dodgy, but I may well be missing something. What about him is dodgy?

  1. यह ब्लॉग मेल सेक्स के बारे में जानकर अच्छा लगा- जिस बॉय को सेक्स पावर में प्रॉब्लम है वो लोग सुल्तान नाईट टेबलेट लेनी चाहिए यह टेबलेट लिंग को मोटा और बड़ा करने में सहयता करता है

    [Ed. note: I got rid of the spammy part of this comment, and am just translating it, for your edification.]

    Translation: “This blog is good to know about male sex- the boy who has problem in sex power should take [insert spammy brand name] tablet, this tablet helps to enlarge and enlarge the penis.”

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