May I watch?

Whenever you visit my Tumblr – not the one with the still pictures, but the one with the GIFs – you end up getting yourself off.

I know this.

You’ve told me.

You think you’ll just look at one screen, for one moment. But that’s not how it goes. Instead, you find your fingers wandering down to your cunt, feeling as you get wet, touching your clit, probing into your pussy.

You’ve told me this. That it’s a surefire path to an orgasm for you to skim through the images I’ve curated, imagining you and me, together, in the ways shown in those GIFs.

Well, tonight, I want to watch. I want you to go to the Tumblr. To page through the images. To rub your clit. To slide a finger or two or three up into your cunt. But I want to sit in front of you, stroking my cock, as I watch you get yourself off to the images I’ve chosen. As you get yourself off for me.


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