I want to watch you

I want to drink in your body.

To see you move, walk, bend, sit, lie.

To watch as the curves of your flesh press against the fabric you wear.

I want to see you make the transition in your day, from regular person, leading regular life, to sex creature, object, of my desire, of your desire.  To watch your eyes as your pupils dilate.  To watch your mouth glisten as you lick your lips in anticipation.

I want to see you disrobe.  But not much.

Just enough so that you can have adequate access to the parts of your body you’ll need to touch.  Your nipples.  Your cunt.  Your ass.  Your thighs.

I want to see you start to touch yourself, gently, teasingly.   To rest your hands on top of your breasts, to caress your nipples lightly.

Then, more firmly, squeezing, pinching, as you engage, as your hips start to rise and fall in anticipation of the pleasure that’s coming their way.

I want to see your hands drift down your torso, tracing your curves, lightly, like a feather.

To see your fingers find the hair between your legs, touch it, run its length.

To see you lick your finger, to get it moist, slippery, before you slide it along, up your slit, to your clit.

To see your other hand grab your breast, and knead it, pull it, push it, twist it, as the hand at your pussy plays with your lips.  Squeezing them together, sliding between them, up to your clit, then back down.

To see the hand on your breast slide down, to join the other hand. To watch your hands both press against the flesh on either side of your pussy, first away from, then toward, your slit.

To see you dip your hand into your cunt, to gather moisture so you can rub your clit harder, faster.

I want to watch as you rub the top of your pussy furiously, faster.

I want to watch as you sink a finger, two fingers, deep inside of you, all the way in, to watch as you arch your back, to push your insides onto your hand, to get as deep as possible.

I want to watch your chest raise – and fall – with quicker breaths.  To see your wrist pulse with quicker vibrations.  To see your hips buck, up, back, up, back, as you work your cunt more furiously.  As you vibrate your clit, as you fuck yourself with your hand.

I want to watch your eyelids, to see them flutter as your pleasure increases, as you idly cup a breast now with your left hand, while your right is fucking you more intensely.  To watch your breasts jiggle as your entire body takes on the rhythm of your approaching orgasm.

To watch as your eyes shut, as your head rolls back, as both hands frantically press against your cunt, as your thighs shudder, your legs extend, rigid, and as you gush, the pleasure shooting out from between your legs.

I’d like to watch that.  May I, please?


          1. Soon, maybe. For now, I like the idea of you knowing I get off to your posts, your instructions, your desires

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