Lauren Duca (2)

After what I wrote recently, in my obsessive way, I went and read some more about and by Lauren Duca. Pretty much everything I read that she’d written made me like her more. There was “Is there such a thing as a feminist marriage proposal?” in which – I shit you not – she pretty much described my marriage proposal as the closest thing there is to a feminist marriage proposal (and in which I learned that she, at least in February of 2016, was engaged, as a result of a proposal shockingly similar to – if separated in time by nearly 20 years from – mine). There was “All ‘joking’ aside, Trump’s second amendment comment could get people killed,” which, um, yes. And there was “Ariel Winter has boobs, please get over it.” In which I learned that there’s a woman named Ariel Winter, who, apparently, has boobs.

But most of all, the thing she wrote that most deepened my crush on her was “We should just pirate all of Woody Allen’s movies.” I’ve been making versions of this argument for nearly twenty years now, ever since the dick-wad married his daughter. Or his wife’s daughter. Or whatever. And then started making movies about old guys bedding young women. Not that there’s anything wrong with old guys bedding young women. (I’m increasingly old, and I like young women. Almost as much as I like older women.) Or with old guys making movies about old guys bedding women.

But there is something wrong with marrying either your daughter or your wife’s daughter. And there’s also something wrong with making lots of money by charging people to see you play out your fantasies of bedding young(er) women on screen, after you’ve previously married your daughter. Or your wife’s daughter. And if there’s not something wrong with charging people to see that, there’s definitely something wrong with charging me to see that.

Which is why I haven’t paid to see a Woody Allen movie since his nuptials with Soon Yi Previn.

Let me say one thing against myself here: by all evidence, Woody and Soon Yi have a real, mature marriage, one that’s lasted a long time, well into her adulthood. I have no interest in decrying the marriage itself. But still. It says something about a man that married his daughter wife’s daughter.

And another thing: there’s a whole secondary issue with Woody Allen – the issue of his alleged abuse of another of his wife’s children. I don’t even know where to go with that, except to say that if Woody were innocent, his defense did nothing to encourage me to believe that. (See James Deen.)

I didn’t mean for this to be a post about Woody Allen. It’s a post about Lauren Duca. Read what she wrote about Woody Allen. She nailed it.

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