A night with Isabel (hint: no sex)

It’s been a long time since Isabel and I had sex.

Way. Too. Long.

The last time was in January, I think. Well, I alluded to a botched evening in May, here. On that evening, we had drinks together. She did, briefly, have her mouth on my cock, and as I recall, I did, briefly, lick her clit. But the whole evening came to a crashing halt for reasons having nothing to do with her and everything to do with my own silliness.

Shortly after that, she and I had a meal together. And we’re in regular touch via e-mail/text/WhatsApp. (About which more in another post, shortly.)

But we haven’t had sex in a long time.

So I was excited when we finally made plans recently. It happened that the evening we planned to get together was the same evening as a Chemistry party. I was doubly excited. I hadn’t been to Chemistry in years, and I was eager to refresh my memory of them, even at the same time as I refreshed my memory of Isabel.

Alas, it wasn’t to be.

Because reasons, Isabel just wasn’t feeling sexual on this particular evening, and her paranoia – always a companion – was in particularly full flower, rendering not just Chemistry an impossibility, but rendering (literally) the entire county in which the Chemistry party was being held off-limits.

And so…. We ate – yummy sushi. We drank, in two different bars. We talked, about our respective lives. And we said good night.

Isabel, at this point, is a friend, and I had fun. But it was a double disappointment.

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