Holly the supermodel

Meet Holly the supermodel.

Like many supermodels, Holly has low self-esteem. She looks in the mirror, and she sees… well, I don’t know what she sees. But what she sees is different from what I see in the pictures she sends me.

What I see is this:

Beautiful blonde hair, nearly platinum at the ends, but a little darker at the roots. Shiny, straight, with a hint of waviness, if not quite curliness.

Piercing, hungry, big eyes. Blue? Green? It’s hard to tell in the photos she sends, but I think they’re steel blue. In any event, the whites are bright white, and her hunger – for my cock, for my words – is palpable in almost every shot she sends.

Clear, pretty, pale skin. Her cheekbones aren’t so high as to be severe, but they’re high enough to pull her cheeks back and up away from her mouth, leaving a little dimple, and a line leading down from her nose.

Her lips are painful for me to look at – painful because they’re always glistening, moist, and it’s hard for me to see them and not imagine them wrapped around my cock as her tongue tickles my shaft, as I pull her head down on me, as I probe deep into her throat with my cock.

Her shoulders slope down from her neck. She’s self-conscious about them because of some scars. All I know is that I want to press hard down on both of them as I force her to her knees so I can feed her my cock as she kneels.

Her tits are big. They’re proportionate for her curvy, lean body, but they’re big. She hasn’t yet showed me an outfit against which they weren’t straining. Which is fine by me. Because every time I see her breasts straining against an outfit, I just want to tear it off. Which, I’m pretty sure, she’d be fine with.

Her waist is narrow, her hips pop out, and her ass is round, full, dying for my grip, for my grabs, for my spanking. Her thighs are full, meaty, but lean. Her legs are long, and muscular. Built for wrapping around my hips, or for being pinned back by her ears as I pound my cock into her, or as I lick her clit.

Like many women with low self-esteem, Holly’s not a big fan of having her clit licked. Which is why she needs to be restrained, tied, cuffed, bound. So she can’t struggle against the pleasure, so she can’t trick herself with the false thought that there’s anything she should be doing other than receiving the sensations of my tongue on her pussy, that there’s anything that would bring me greater pleasure than to feel her writhe with pleasure delivered by my mouth.

I think she looks a bit like Kate Hudson. Maybe Britney Spears, at her (Britney’s) absolute best.

Whatever. She needs to feast on my cock. And soon.

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