Drunken thoughts

One of the nice things about having a blog like this is you can (I can) type some drunken thoughts, delay their publication by anywhere from 0-240 hours, and press “publish.”


Here are some drunken thoughts:

  1. I’m just baffled by certain of my interactions with women.
  2. There’s a difference between asking, expecting, and demanding.
  3. Consideration seems simple to me, but hard to many people with whom I interact.
  4. Ditto respect.
  5. Beer is good.
  6. Scotch is better.
  7. Wine is silly.
  8. So sometimes this happens: someone finds it far harder to interact respectfully than do I, and seems to see this as somehow evidence of my failure to understand how much is going on in her/his life. S/he is mistaken. That is all.
  9. I wish there were more hours in each day. But more than that, I wish that there were more hours between each hour in each day.
  10. Porn is good.
  11. In the next ten days, if my cock doesn’t find itself a comfortable home between the lips of Isabel, Nastya, and some woman to be named later, I’ll be disappointed. (Note: I don’t write about my marriage, or my wife, without my wife’s permission. And this is an impulsive post. But… you know….)


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