The good teacher describes me

TGTI asked her to describe me for you. This is what she wrote, unedited. (And, the picture she selected.)

Pleasant, polite, gentleman.. The things that put you at ease..

His voice is inviting, his words are thoughtfully chosen, his touch is deliberate…

The things that draw you in:

His eyes.. Those bright, true blue eyes.

They can hold a stare that undresses you.

If you can sustain your glance you may find the hunger, the desire, and the intent…

The reason you are there..

The reason your pussy aches for his demands.

My advice to the woman who is afraid to engage fully.

Just be a good girl.

I told her that I was a little mortified at how flattering it was, that I hadn’t been fishing for flattery. She assured me she didn’t mean it as flattering.

Phew. 😉

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