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I was in a sexless relationship for too long and was beginning to believe I wasn’t interested in sex and became insecure about my sexuality and seductive abilities. I have since been reawakened and am discovering more of what I like and want….but am still a bit intimidated. How would you guide me and teach me to become fully aware of myself?

That’s a lot of responsibility to put on a guy you don’t know. So I wouldn’t presume to answer quite as you’ve asked, quite as you’ve implied. I don’t know that I can “guide” you and “teach” you to “become fully aware of” yourself. That seems a tall order.

What I can do is to guide you toward and teach you about my desires. I can teach you what it means to give me what I want from you, to minister to my hungers and thirsts as they occur, and to pay close attention to how doing so makes you feel. I care about your pussy, so if what you’re doing for me makes it wet, I’ll be eager to know that. And if it doesn’t, I’ll be eager to know that. I’ll want to be sure that the ways in which I’m using you don’t just make my cock hard, but make your cunt ache for me.

If that’s a role, as guide and teacher, that you want me to play, then I’m game to explore.

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