Have I gotten you off?

It has come to my attention that there are some among my readers who have, on one or more occasions, gotten themselves off as a result either of things I’ve written here, things I’ve posted on my Tumblrs (pictures and gifs and funny porn), or both.

This pleases me.

More than that, this makes my cock hard.

If you are among those most valued of my readers, I have a favor to ask of you: please thank me.

You may thank me in one of many ways. With your written words, tell me. Tell me what got you off, how you got yourself off, when, where, wearing what.

With your spoken words. Tell me in your voice. Record yourself. Tell me what it is I’ve done to you.

With images. Send me tasteful, suggestive photos or videos in appreciation.

In other ways, ways only you can come up with.

But please. Thank me. Doing so will make my cock hard, will get me off.

I promise: nothing you send me will appear here or anywhere else, unless you explicitly request that. (Read here for more details on all that I promise.)

Thank you.

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