Male sex bloggers

I just can’t find any. There have been some, over the years. There was the deeply problematic Jefferson, whose blog inspired me, but whose behavior offline was credibly alleged by way too many people to be, well, icky. There was Omniwhore, who had a nice two-year run from 2012-2014, but who seems to have stopped. And… I think that’s it.

Recently, I learned of Sexy Little Ideas. I like this one. I don’t agree with everything he posts but, like I do, he writes about more than just body parts sliding in and out of body parts.

I’d like to compose a list of male sex bloggers, to be a sort of clearinghouse for people looking to read men’s perspectives on sex and sexuality. At first, it won’t be curated. I just want to collect URLs, so feel free to add any blogs you know of, like, or write, in the comments. And, over time, if I can find enough, maybe I’ll make it into a more opinionated and critical compendium.

Help me out.


  1. Hey man. Yeah, it’s interesting. I actually have another (secret) blog/diary where I do only write about body parts sliding in and out of body parts. But since I’m a very *not* anonymous writer and all of my friends, special friends, and extra special friends have access to SexyLittleIdeas, I try to keep our experiences off it.
    I would like to find a way to (respectfully, consensually) incorporate all the stories that I unwrap and all the fun that they contain, but it’s difficult.


    I’ve seen a lot of male sex blogs that are gay or bi or story-based or review-based or fetish-based or commercial-based or doctor-based or one-post-every-month……… okay now we’re just making excuses. Or maybe most vanilla men aren’t all that interesting in generalizing about vanilla women for free.

  2. Holy crap, HGG killed it!! Can’t wait to dig in there! you know I’ve felt the same as you in regards to the lack of male bloggers.

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