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What is your favorite non-sexual part of a woman’s body?

I confess, this question confuses me. Twice over.

First of all, are there non-sexual parts of women’s bodies? I’m not aware of them.

And second, which woman?

But let me try to answer the question I think this reader was asking. I think she meant, “Generally, N., is there a part of a woman’s anatomy, other than tits and ass, that you favor over all others?”

My answer to this, alas, is no, there is not.

On L? It was her chin. On V, her thighs. On Sofia, her eyes. Isabel? Damn, I don’t know – I suppose her legs. Luna? It would have to be her hair. The Amazon? Her legs. Tamora? Her thighs. The Secretary? Her eyes. Rose? Again, thighs.

All of which is to say, I suppose that hair, eyes, and thighs are probably where my interest most often flows….

What’s your favorite non-sexual part of your body, reader?


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