Why do I lick your pussy?

Do I do it to give you pleasure?

Do I do it to persuade myself, and you, of my potency, of my power, of my skill?

Do I do it in hopes of reciprocation, anticipating that you will spend at least as much time sucking my cock?

Do I do it to communicate with you, to demonstrate to you palpably my intuitive, bodily connection to you, to your senses, to your experience?

Do I do it for purely selfish reasons, because the taste of your cunt, the feel of your thighs on my ears, your hands on my head, is a suite of sensations that simply can’t be beat (not even by your tongue swirling endlessly around the tip of my cock, by your lips pressing against its shaft as you raise and lower – as I raise and lower – your head)?

Do I do it because I worship at the altar of your pleasure, because I know of no holier, more spiritually fulfilling activity than bringing you to a rollicking, shuddering, earth-shaking orgasm (or two, or ten)?

Or do I do it because, honestly, there simply is nothing on earth I’d rather do?

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