Her suit is formal, grey. She’s too young for it. She’s in her twenties. The suit belongs on a forty-year-old.

Doesn’t matter. She’s hot. Blonde, hazel eyes, clear skin, a fleshy, but not round face. Her blouse – a noisy black-and-white patterned silk thing – gives a view of her extremely unsexy beige bra.

If she were trying, she couldn’t be dressed less sexy.

But she, still, is sexy. Her body is curvy, slender. Her breasts are full. Her ass is round.

Her lips are thin, they don’t have lipstick. She’s wearing no makeup. She’s just raw, hot, sex, in spite of everything. It’s like she’s trying to hide it.

And failing. Dismally.

Note: I respect her decision to present herself as if asexual. Paeans are intrusive, structurally violating. I know that. And yet…. (Call me a creep. Go ahead.)

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