She demands that I name her

I said I’d name her after I filled her mouth with my cock. I changed my mind, telling her I wanted her to name herself. She refused.

We were, momentarily at a standstill. We’re past that, now. I think.

I have named her. I’m not thrilled about having to do so. As I said here, in my policy, I prefer for you to choose your name. But I hereby christen her Tamora, for reasons only I know.

Here are some things I have to say about her (based on nowhere-near-recent-enough* experience):

1) Jesus fucking Christ are her curves sexy.

2) She has great, deep, brown eyes.

3) She sucks a fucking mean cock.

4) She’s truly insatiable.

5) I’m nowhere near done with her.

“You should know,” she wrote me earlier, in the middle of a – well, not quite a disagreement, but a gradual unfolding of how we each be sure we each get things we want from one another – “I’d gladly suck you off in a sea of women.”

This was a surprise to me. In my head, she had told me that vision most definitely didn’t appeal to her. So this is an exciting development…. Stay tuned on that particular front.

She goes back and forth between wanting to give me everything I want, and just fucking wanting my cock now, and doing away with all the preliminaries. I can almost feel the ebbs and flows – it’s like she doesn’t want to want to give me what I want but, in the end, she wants to.

She’s not shy. She seems perfectly comfortable sending me pictures of her very pretty face, sending me videos of her very pretty face, sending me videos of her very pretty face as she has orgasm after orgasm.

This is not a bad configuration of things for me.


* There are a few women about whom you haven’t read. Not many. Two or three others. For the most part, these are women whom I’ve only managed to see once, for whatever combination of reasons. When I haven’t written about someone, it’s never because she wasn’t inspiring, or fun, or hot, or whatever. It’s because circumstances in my life, combined with my own unpredictable muses, simply haven’t resulted in my finishing a post on someone. Tamora is an example: I’ve got two or three unfinished posts from fairly long ago sitting in my “drafts” folder, just waiting to be finished.


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