Women I’ve never met: Allie

She’s exotic, just a little dark. She’s tiny – under five feet. Her hair is brown, long. Someone once told her that she looks prettier if she cocks her head a little to the right, lets her wavy hair hang mysteriously over her right eye. Virtually every picture she’s sent me has been in this position.

There are exceptions. There’s the one where she’s looking straight at me, biting her lip. She looks like she’s thinking, “I’m about to fuck the living shit out of you,” in that one. In a couple of others, she’s also looking straight at the camera. In those, she seems to be daring me: “Come fuck me.” Her body’s smoking hot. She’s insecure about parts of it. I’ve only seen her stomach and her breasts incidentally. She sucks in her gut, she angles shots so I can’t see her breasts properly. This is too bad – when a woman insists parts of her aren’t sexy, it’s not sexy. And/but from what I’ve seen, those parts are sexy. She resists sending pictures when she’s not dressed up, not made up. She doesn’t understand that she is (women are) beautiful to me as she is (they are). Make-up detracts, unless it’s for a very specific purpose. Imperfection is hot; perfection – the illusion of perfection – is for Playboy, or wherever. It’s not my thing. (And anyway – her body’s, from all I’ve seen, actually pretty close to perfect.)

Have you ever been to the web site, “Beautiful Agony”? It’s a collection of nothing other than videos of people’s faces while they come. Men and women. SOO fucking hot. But then again, not so much. They’re people I don’t know. And while orgasm is hot – watching an orgasm, listening to an orgasm is hot – it’s so much more so with someone I “know,” with someone who’s coming for me.

Recently, she sent me a video of her very pretty face – long, angular, high cheekbones – contorted gorgeously by pleasure, her mouth opening and closing in ecstasy as her body convulses.

I fucking need that in person.

When we first started interacting, she wrote, as if it were manifestly self-evident, “Obviously I’m not interested in a married slut….” She wrote this after, um, it had become evident that she was at least a little interested in a married slut.

I have big plans for her.

She claims she’s dominant. But she, mostly, submits to me in our interactions. Not quite enough – we’re working on that. (And as you know, that’s work I don’t, honestly, enjoy – I just want her to submit.) But she’s small enough that I know that, once we’re in the same room, I will toss her around, pin her to the ground, to the bed, to the wall, bend her over every surface there is, fill her pretty face with my cock, spank her, mark her, make her ache.

I told her, in response to one particular shot she sent, that I was dying to spend hours between her legs, just licking her cunt. “Hours?” she wrote. “Never had that before.”

She will.

I promise.

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