A requested fantasy

You do not speak unless I tell you to.
You do not move, unless I tell you to.
You are my toy.
You exist for my pleasure, whatever that entails.
Your body is a collection of holes for me to fill, flesh to stimulate me.
I own your pleasure.
I own your pain.
I own your sounds, your moans, your cries.
They are mine.
You are mine.


  1. Not sure whether the very feminist lady in me would go with all of this, I guess that a lot of getting to know one another and establishing trust would have to take place before I could feel pleasure doing most of this… but it does sound hot!

  2. Very hot indeed. Part of what is so hot is that it isn’t how I usually think or feel. Must be because every guy can’t have your skills. Pity though. Mmm.

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