Sofia takes dictation

Sofia, I’m sitting around my couch, doing a little writing, and I’m looking at the first picture of you, in your skirt and tights and heels and blouse, and your hair hanging down, and my dick is getting hard.

And I’m turning to the next picture, and you’re sticking your ass out for me, and puckering your lips just a little, and I’m thinking how much I want to fucking lift that skirt up and spread your legs, and slide my hand under your pussy.

And I turn to the third picture of you, sitting cross legged, and again I think all I want is to open up your legs, to spread them, so that I can see your cunt in between them, so that I can have access to it. And as I’m looking at it my dick is growing harder. Harder.

And in the next picture you spread your legs for me. Thank you. But your hands are positioned right in front of your pussy. So even though I wouldn’t be able to see it because of your tights and your panties, your hands are blocking me from seeing where the tights themselves meet at your crotch, and I want to lift your hands up and put them over your head.

And I advance to the next picture and now you’ve exposed your cunt for me, your left hand on your upper thigh, your right hand supporting you behind you, and you’re lifting your leg just a little for me. Now I can start to feel like I have the access that I crave. And your lips enter this picture. The previous one was below your lips and now I can see your mouth open, your teeth showing and I can imagine sliding my cock into your mouth, as well.

Now I turn to the next slide and I see your beautiful smile, your full lips, and you’re holding your blouse open just a little bit so I can get a glimpse of your bra and your cleavage. And it makes me want to do violent things to your blouse, to just tear it off, to rip those buttons.

I’m advancing to the next picture, which is your ass in my face. The skirt is lifted just high enough that I can see your hips, and your hands are resting on your ass, and your legs are spread enough that, again, I can imagine sliding my hand under there and feeling how hot your cunt is for me.

8The next picture has you on your side, your legs spread (….?….), your bra showing, your lips on the upper left corner of the frame, your whole body displayed for me, and I just… My cock is so fucking hard.

In the next picture you’re unbuttoning your blouse a little further and your legs again are spread for me. I see just a glimpse of your bra and now your face is entirely out of the picture except for your chin, but I see your hair hanging over your shoulders, and I think I could throw you back on your back and shove my cock down your throat right now, if I were there.

In the next picture you’re standing, the skirt is gone, your blouse is opened down to just about your navel, your bra is visible, your hands are resting on your thighs, your thighs are spread. You’re still on your tights and your panties, and your lips are in the frame, almost making a little kiss, it looks like.

In the next picture, you’ve taken off your top and you’re facing the wall for me on your heels, your black bra is visible, your ass is lifted by the heels, the outline of your boy shorts is visible through the tights. And man, do you look fuckable.

In the next slide you’re bent a little, you’ve taken a few steps back from the wall, you’re bending over, your hands are on your thighs, so that your ass is highlighted even better. Oh my god.

In the next picture you’re leaning forward, to face the camera. You’ve lowered the bra so that I can see your right nipple. Your left nipple is obscured by your hair. And again, the tights, your legs spread, just make me want so hard to press my hand up against your pussy.

In the next picture you’re backed up in a corner, your arms crossed under your breasts, and I can see both of your nipples. You’re topless, the bra is gone. Your face is entirely out of the picture. I just see your long neck, and you’re standing high on your heels. Once again, you look so fuckable. I should just grab you by your long neck and throw you onto the bed.

And that’s the last one.

Would you type that up for me? I’ll edit it before I publish but I’d like you to type that for me.

God damn, my dick is hard.

Thank you.

Editor’s note: I didn’t edit it before publishing. I decided I liked it just the way it was.

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