Two more dissolutes – June

Hy and I continue our monthly curated sex blog offerings. This month, we bring you two more fun, smart, hot writers we hope you haven’t stumbled on yet….

N’s Pick: Sinclair Sexsmith – Feminist vs. BDSM

N.’s thoughts:

The Historian, as I’ve written, haunts me. We’re friends, in and out of touch. And we have sex occasionally. Every two or three years, it seems, currently. Which is not, by my figuring, anywhere near often enough. But hey.
She suggested, a week or three ago, this post, and while I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to Sinclair Sexsmith’s “Sugarbutch Chronicles” before, she’s right – it belongs here among our other dissolutes.

They (Sexsmith’s preferred pronoun for themselves) are smart, kinky, hot – all the things I like. This post, about the conjunction of feminism and submission, does a better job than I ever could of explaining BDSM, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism, in the context of staunch feminism. Thank you, Mr. Sexsmith. Great job! And thank you, Historian, for reminding me of Mr. Sexsmith. (Now, when are we seeing each other again?)

Hy’s thoughts:

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that I FUCKING LOVED THIS.  I have given that speech (the whole damn post, basically) numerous times to numerous groups of people.  Their list of things to consider is the cornerstone of my belief systems and how I choose to view the world and educate people.
I could go on, but I’ll rein it in there.  But, seriously, I am squee’ing all over the place right now.  It’s not every day you see your own thoughts written out by another, after all.  And they’re hot.  So hot. I love butch-y, androgynous, queer folk.  Mmmm!

Hy’s Pick: Girl With a One Track Mind

Hy’s thoughts:

I’m going old school and pointing everyone’s nose towards the OG of sex bloggers, Abby Lee (aka Zoe Margolis), of Girl With a One Track Mind.

Ten years ago she began documenting her sex and dating life and held nothing back.  She ruminated on anal, blow jobs, wanking in bathrooms, and every sex-related thing you could imagine.  Then, about a year later, she was offered a book deal.  Things were going swimmingly until she was outted and her anonymity stripped from her.  She managed to bounce back, but as she says in her latest post, she hasn’t fully recovered trust in humanity in general.  That’s understandable.

She basically lived through my worst nightmare.

But besides being impressed by her resilience, her writing is swift and likeable, sorta like an x-rated Bridget Jones (I have no idea if she’s been likened as that before, but there you have it) and it’s almost impossible to not relate to her inner dialogue (I’m extremely curious to see how N. responds! haha).

I don’t have one particular post to highlight because her archives are so vast; I recommend just getting lost in them.

N’s thoughts:

I loved GwaOTM back in the day. Hy’s totally right: her combination of sexiness and thoughtfulness is catnip to me. And her story – sexy woman writes compelling blog, morphs it into a book, and gets outed by national media is pretty fucking terrifying to any sex blogger. (A thought or two on sex blogging, dating, and anonymity in an upcoming post…). She wrote another book, and seems, for the most part, to have morphed into a mainstream British writer/media personality, rather than a blogger.

Sadly, the blog hasn’t been written regularly since 2008 or 2009. Hy’s right: the archives are vast, and getting lost in them is incredibly fun. I recommend starting at the beginning, and reading forward from there. There’s no useful organization of the blog – no tags, no categories, no way to read thematically, so it’s either read from the beginning, or just read randomly.

So I’m with Hy on this – read this blog – it’s awesome. And who knows, maybe GwaOTM will blog again soon!

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