A correspondent asked me the following set of questions. She asked that I “explain why [I] answered as [I] did,” but I think I’ll leave that for another day, or for never….

Flexible or inflexible (and I don’t mean physically)?  Flexible

Trusting or skeptical?  Trusting

Imprecise or pedantic?  Pedantic

Passive or aggressive?  Aggressive

Logical or intuitive?  Intuitive

Critical or laudatory?  Critical

Withdrawn or interfering?  Interfering

Follow directions or wing it?  Follow directions

Moody or sanguine?  Sanguine (this doesn’t seem antonymic to me, but hey)

Conceited or humble?  Humble (here, too, I’m not sure these really are opposites so much as very different)

Sardonic or agreeable?  Agreeable

Neat or messy?  Neat

Lazy or active?  Active

Profigate or frugal?  Profligate

Procrastinator or deadline oriented?  Deadline-oriented

Late or early?  Early

Open or closed?  Open – always.

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