Sex tips for straight women from a gay man

I just saw a poster for a new show:

And it got me thinking.

Cosmo always has silly articles along these lines, as do men’s magazines. But they’re all based on this weird, reductionistic assumption that seems intuitively asinine to me: sex is about anatomy.

No good sex that I’ve ever had has been about anatomy. It’s always about more than how you touch what. Sure, there are swirly things Willow can do with her tongue that no one else can do. But if that were it, if there weren’t more there, I wouldn’t keep going back. And, the same trick Willow does, performed by someone else, probably wouldn’t work. Because it’s the fact that it’s her tongue as much as what she does with it that makes it so fucking hot.

Nope – I won’t be seeing this show.


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