My favorite position

If you’ve been paying attention you know it involves your mouth on my cock.

The other day I was asked by someone who didn’t know me so well: What’s your favorite position?

I hate this question. Because in my experience, women asking it almost always really mean, “My favorite position is for you to fuck me from behind. Tell me that’s yours, please.”

But for me, no question, it’s you on top, cowgirl, riding me. Not to say this is a submissive position for me. I might well have my wrists around your neck, driving you back and forth on me. Or my hands might be gripping your hips, pulling you, pushing you. Fuck me this way, and you’ll likely earn bruises from my enthusiasm.

Cowgirl indulges so many of my preferences. There is, of course, my laziness. It’s just less physical work for me if you’re on top, and I’m not, actually, a fan of physical work.

Then there’s the view: I can see your eyes, your mouth, your bouncing breasts while you ride me. I can see my cock sliding in and out of you, your cunt bouncing up and down.

And access: I can grip your head and neck, squeeze or caress your breasts and nipples, play with your clit. Even while I’m kissing you.

Finally, there’s the physical sensation on my cock. No position delivers me more ready stimulation, or better control over that stimulation, than this one. And that’s valuable to me. I (almost) never have an erectile issue when getting head. But when fucking, it’s not at all unusual for me to soften to the point of un-fuck-ability (notwithstanding Viagra). This happens most frequently for me when fucking from behind, doggy style. Slightly less frequently missionary. Rarely, cowgirl. Given the unfortunate meanings many women attach to a disappearing hard-on, and my own embarrassment and disappointment when it happens, all things equal, I’d prefer to do everything I can to keep things moving forward. (But see what I wrote here on the subject of lost erections.)


There are exceptions to this general principle, moments at which, women with which, a different position is the one I crave.

The Party Promoter, about whom I haven’t written but a word or two (and who hasn’t been a part of my life in forever) had long, black hair. Big, round breasts. She was short, and had muscular, meaty thighs, and a big round ass. There was something about the proportions  of her ankles, calves, thighs, ass, and breasts that made me crave nothing more than to grip her ankles firmly and spread them as wide as my arms could as I pounded my cock into her pussy from above, her ass on a couch, her eyes looking hungrily up at me.

As fun as V was to fuck in just about any position, it was missionary that I found myself returning to over and over.

And L was a master at the “yoga pornstar” position, lowering herself onto and lifting herself up on my cock, squatting over me. I would never, ever say no to that with her.

The Secretary was the only woman I’ve ever consistently wanted to fuck from behind. There was something about her tiny-ness, her pliability. I could pull her entire body onto my cock with just the slightest tug on her ponytail. (That’s what ponytails are for, right?)

So there you have it: my favorite position, in general? My cock in your mouth. Second favorite? Cowgirl. But I reserve the right to have other preferences at any given time.

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