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A while has passed since I posted my reading guide, and, in particular, my guide to the most popular posts on this blog. There’s been some movement on that list – some new entries, some that fell off, and I thought it might be helpful to refresh the list. Herewith, the most popular posts on this blog over the last twelve months.

Posts only

1. Sex clubs/parties in New York: Le Trapeze – this moved up from #6 a while back. Apparently, if you google Le Trapeze reviews, you get Yelp, then their web site, then me.
2. I want to lick your pussy – holding steady at #2
3. R comes for meremarkable because I only posted it last week. It’ll be #1 in another week.
4. Oral at a sex party – down from #1
5. What do you know about cock worship? – up from #8
6. Fingered – down one notch from #5
7. Stag at a sex party – Part 1 – a new entry
8. Speaking the unspeakable – up from #10
9. My second first paid blowjob – down slightly from #7
10. Lilly cums for usWho doesn’t love to hear Lilly come? (It’s been so long, Lilly)

Pages, collections, categorizations

1. Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms – switched places with #2
2. My story – see above
3. Memory or fantasy? – up from #5
4. Written by others – up from #6
5. Reading guideI guess this was a good addition
6. T – down from #3 – I guess you’re less interested in my wife than before
7. V – new – I hadn’t begun dating V when this list began
8. Oral sex – up a notch, from #9
9. Rashomonnew entry – there were a bunch of these with V
10. Musingprobably my favorite type of entry to write

I’ve bolded the new entries in both lists.

I don’t know if these lists are interesting to you, but I find them intriguing.

To see the previous list, click here.

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  1. Why do I feel I might have something to do with the shifts? At least, I know most of my favourite pages/posts are in those lists!

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