Rock bands’ll come

And rock bands’ll go
But rock ‘n’ roll’s gonna go on forever

Jane doesn’t review sex blogs till they’ve been around for a year. When they wouldn’t review me, this bummed me out. But now, now that they’ve reviewed me, now that this blog is a year-and-a-half old (and virtually all of the blogs I thought of as peers when I started are gone), it kinda makes sense.

In my brief time, these are just a few of the blogs that I’ve seen streak through the sky like shooting stars, only to burn out for whatever reason:

One life, take two

Always each other (Liza still updates it infrequently, though only two or three times a month, and not, so far, in the month of May.)

Uncommon appetites (They still update occasionally, too, though mostly just to put up hot pictures and/or pimp

Lizzie’s grey matters (to be fair, Lizzie does still post occasionally, but I wish she’d post every day.)

Absinthe passion


Some young thing

Nic and Lace (still kicking, but their frequency of posting has declined every month, from 13 in December, to 4 in April, and none so far in May)

These have been among my favorite sex blogs – the smartest, the hottest, the most fun. And they’re gone. And I miss them.


  1. Even in the briefest of time we’ve been blogging, I already miss some of the bloggers that I was following/reading. Two have completely shut down, even removing their website, which they had for years.
    Change happens.

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