Aborted creep shot (subway platform, real time)

I was about to write about her. Mid-20s, Mediterranean olive skin, black wavy hair, tiny, pronounced nose, slight overbite. Green wool coat, black leggings that stop mid-shin, black suede boots with wooden 3″heels.

But a guy is picking her up. Early 20s, tall, wiry, two days’ beard growth, sneakers, khakis, black satin windbreaker.

She’s receptive, smiling, engaged.

They’re discussing “Doogie Howser.” Seriously.

He just showed her the yarmulke stashed in his pocket.

She seemed impressed.

Coda: the train comes. She says, “See ya,” a little emphatically, and walks one car forward of him before boarding. He and I board the same car. Dejected, he puts his earphones back on and gazes at the window between her car and ours.

He gets off after one stop.

She rides on.

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