Fat chicks

Over a year ago, I wrote a bit about my “type,” about how I prefer petite women – the tinier the better.

In the last few days/weeks, I’ve been thinking a little about this, interrogating not so much the why of my preference for smaller women – I’ve done that before – but instead, the how of my preference against larger women. What are, I wonder, the hydraulics of my not being turned on? The mechanisms by which I conclude that a larger woman isn’t appealing to me?

I fucking love getting head. If there’s a stereotype about fat chicks, it’s that they are enthusiastic and talented at the art of the blowjob. And I love eating pussy. And fat chicks have pussies. Similarly, I like fucking, and from what I hear, many fat chicks like to fuck.

So what happens? What is it that gets in the way of my being turned on? And, interesting to ponder, is it likely to be responsive to effort on my part to undo?

I think part of the problem for me is that my visual tastes are vanilla – I like images of well proportioned, fit, curvy women. And I like receiving images as evidence of compliance. And images of larger, rounder women are simply less appealing to me. And the images – the lead-up to a sexual encounter with me often features an exchange of pictures – are central to getting me hard in advance, to building up my anticipation for what’s to come. And if you’re a larger woman, well, then, the pictures just aren’t going to do it for me.

I heard the other day of a guy who (in reality) set up a glory hole in his home, and who has a parade of fellows come and be fellated by him. He never sees their faces.

This radically disembodied sex is entirely unappealing to me. (See what I wrote here about Hyacinth’s weekly collection of breasts.)

I (have) allow(ed) my visual preferences to color the sex I pursue.

What would happen if I didn’t?


  1. I have a small group of on-line friends and I’m surprised at the variety of body types involved. From tall and skinny to short and curvy to large and incredibly sexy. My on-line preferences can be more varied than in real life because on-line I’m reliant on words and sounds and mental creativity, in person it might be, but might not be, different if i had a chance to meet them in person.

    i think we filter out wonderful people because of the way they look when they might be the sexiest, most amazing lovers we could ever hope for. We need to keep our minds and hearts open.

  2. Advizor54, I completely agree with you. I often feel the same way about my friends in real life. N, you ought to try using your intuition to tell if someone is hot. I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Hey, if she doesn’t turn you on, she doesn’t. If you want to skip the best blow job of your life, so be it. Several men told me “big woman can’t be sexy.” I assumed all men felt that way. Thank goodness some don’t! For me, looking at photos is one thing – sure I wish all men looked like Tom Selleck! – but in person it’s different. I learned that a short, clean-shaven guy can send me a photo that makes me want to pat him on the head like a puppy, but in person I could not wait to touch him and hear the words, “I have never cum so hard in my ife.” Because I took a chance. And he took chance. Yum.

    1. I think part of the thing is this: what makes “the best blowjob of [my] life” isn’t JUST what you do with your mouth, or your hands, or your body. It’s how you look. It’s just a big part of the blowjob for me.

      So, that said, I’m game to experiment a little and push myself to the edge of my comfort zone. I’ll keep you posted.

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