In which Véronique continues our tale… (part 2)

This is Véronique’s Part 2 to the story she began here, and I began here. My “Part 2” will follow. Suffice it to say, I’ll capture a few details that she left out, and she’s captured a few that I’ll omit. Plus, of course, there’s the difference in perspective and experience.

We walked out to N’s car and the cold hit my panty-less self sharper than I could’ve imagined. I felt as if I were walking around completely naked. He instructed me to go around to the passenger’s side and get in.  He began driving. “Touch yourself,” he told me, and I did.  I was already wet from when he fingered me under the table in the bar, and the thrill of walking around without any underwear on had only added to how turned on I was.  Each time we hit a red light I would come back to reality, acutely aware of how surrounded by people we were.  “It’s dark, no can see you. Touch yourself,” N repeated. And I did.  I slid my hand across his lap and felt his hard cock through his jeans. I squeezed it as I continued to slip my middle finger up and down the very tip of my clit and then around in slow circles, almost pushing a finger in, but not quite.  My breathing became audible and now that I wasn’t in the bar I could actually let out some noise. 

He found a parking spot, and we entered the infamous Liberty Hotel.  When we got upstairs to the room I was amused by how much of a cliché it was; the only lighting in the room was neon green, and there was a semi-erotic mural painted on the ceiling.  N was disappointed it didn’t have a mirror on the ceiling as with some of the others.  With our coats off now, he came up from behind me and put my hands firmly above my head, while touching every inch of me with his other hand.  He thought about taking off my dress but changed his mind.  Instead he sat on the bed and pulled me in between his legs.  We kissed for a bit, and his mouth was hungry as he sought me out with his tongue.  Mine was more patient, deliberate even.  I’m not sure if I was trying to slow him down, or just meet him at my own pace.  He laid back on the bed and told me to take off my dress. I pulled it up over my head and dropped it to the floor.  I now stood in front of him with my heeled boots, thigh high black stockings, no underwear, and my balconet bra.  N told me to take off my bra, so I did.  My nipples were hard.  He asked me to lie down on the bed, and he took off his clothes.  He came up from the bottom of the bed and thrust his mouth right between my legs.  He moved his tongue expertly, licking my clit with the tip of his tongue and flicking it before lowering his whole mouth to suck on me.  I enjoyed the sensation of his beard scratching up against my thighs.  I instantly start to gyrate and make noise, enjoying the overwhelming sensation in every nerve of my body.  I came, bucking against his mouth, thighs clenched around his head.  My hips squirmed as my body gave into the sensation, I was moaning and panting with abandon.  I could feel my clit pulsing against his tongue as he kept stroking me with it throughout the height of my orgasm. 

He got up between my legs and now he laid down on the bed and I slowly lowered myself down his body, dragging my breasts down his chest, eventually finding my face between his legs.  I  came up from below his balls, licking them slowly then enveloping them with my mouth and using my tongue to stroke them.  I paid attention to both before licking my way up his shaft in long strokes, stopping right before I hit the head of his cock.  Each time I came up close to the tip, he moved towards me as if to help slip it in my mouth, but I wouldn’t let him.  This part was on my terms.  After he was slick all around and had made a sufficient amount of noise voicing his frustration, I swept the broad middle part of my tongue across the head of his cock in a full circle.  He moaned, “Oh fuck.”  I kept teasing him with my tongue until finally I pulled away one last time and then quickly lowered my whole mouth onto his cock and felt it hit the back of my throat.  I began to suck on his him greedily, sliding my lips down around him with pressure, feeling the under ridge of his cock with the tip of my tongue.  As this continued, I reached my hands down and lightly massaged his balls in my palm, and then pulled them away from him with a light tug.  I alternated thrusting his cock fully in my mouth with sucking on the tip as I moved my hands along his shaft, placing more pressure on the underside with my thumb.  He wasn’t quite ready to let himself come yet so we changed positions yet again.  

He gestured towards the desk in the corner, and told me to get up there.  I looked at the desk and then back at him, before climbing up.  I stood up above him with my heeled boots and thigh highs on and nothing else.  I felt exposed in the most wonderful way. “Touch yourself,” N said.  I ran my hand down my belly button, through my pubic hair, and slid my fingers against my clit, against my entrance before rubbing up and around again.  I quickly worked into a delicious rhythm while my other hand squeezed my breast, pinching my nipple.  N lay on the bed stroking his cock as he watched me.  He began to ask me questions, “Do you like me watching you touch yourself?” “Yes,” I gasp, finding it hard to speak at this point.  “Do you want to come for me?” I let out a serious moan. “Yes” I vocalize loader than I intended.  “Come for me,” N says.  I am frantically moving my fingers against my pussy, bucking my hips to meet them over and over again.  N repeats “Come for me,” as I touch and touch. I feel myself so close to releasing.  “Come for me,” he says again. “Come for me,” he says it louder now and I let out a sharp moaning cry as my knees buckle in against each other and my hips collapse.  I find it hard to stand, and raise my hand above my head to the ceiling to gain my balance.  All of the muscles from my waist down are shaking with the release. I feel myself drip down my thighs.  

I climb down and join him on the bed, swinging my leg around his waist so that my ass is in his face.  I lower my mouth to his crotch as he places his mouth on me once more.  I moved myself lower still this time, licking his taint, placing pressure with my tongue.  He responds immediately, moving his hips up to my face and sucking on me even harder.  I tell him to stand up and I get down on my knees.  I start to tend to his cock once more.  This time not teasing, but forcing my mouth down and around him, licking him, pushing my lips over the head of his cock over and over again. “Fuck,” he let out, his hands finding the back of my head.  He begins thrusting himself into my mouth harder and harder.  I reach my hands up to his balls again and being to play with them lightly as I continue to eagerly push my mouth around him.  I feel the tension building as he lets out more noise and I grab his thighs and begin to suck on him hard, drawing my tongue from the based to the tip over and over again.  “I’m going to come,” he exclaims and I push him back as far as I can take him in my mouth, lips touching the base of his cock, and begin to swallow as I feel him come.  I continue to suck as he releases in my mouth.  He tastes salty and sweet.  I do not let him leave my mouth until he is completely soft, and as I pull him out I continue to lick to the very tip.


  1. I’ve been reading you just for a month or so, and wow.. these posts are very hot. Thanks for sharing. Definitely made me more than a little wet.

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