Sofia’s torture of me continues

The other night, while Sofia wasn’t giving me any of the various things that she owes me – and she owes me a lot – she was having a real-life experience that is, surely, the stuff of many men’s porn fantasies – an all-female threesome. (Remember that awesome sentence from her I posted the other day?) (hover over text in yellow to get a little bit more information in this post)

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my fantasy. I want to fuck Sofia, to fuck her face, to spend a lifetime with my head between her legs. I don’t really relish the idea of her having any sexual activity that doesn’t feature me at its center. Or that I’m not watching, directing, participating in.

But… since she lives so far away… this might just be the best thing I can imagine.

Anyway… Sofia told me about her evening, and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind writing it up, just so it could make my dick hard (and your dick/pussy hard/wet). Here’s what she wrote. Accompanied by photos she selected, at my direction, to evoke the details she’s describing. I’ve annotated her write-up a bit, and edited it just a tiny bit. But her voice is intact. (Remember – English is not Sofia’s first language.) Her telling me, and sharing the pictures she selected, and my putting this all together for you, has gotten my cock insanely hard. I hope it does the same (or the equivalent) for you….

A note: the photos, obvs., are not of Sofia/Raquel/Julia. They are selected by Sofia to conjure an accurate image, without violating any of the women’s privacy. In the case of Sofia – whose face and body, after all, I actually know, only two-dimensionally – I can tell you that the photos are fairly evocative, if not quite fair. Sofia’s much hotter.

… We had dinner, I went to the living room and sat on a couch. Julia and Raquel were lying on another couch (more like a small bed), with another friend of ours, Teresa, (one of the friends I kissed in a party). I was kind of sleepy, so I put my shoes on and told them I was leaving. I gave them all hugs as they protested and asked me to stay. Teresa pulled me and somehow I ended up lying on the couch with them.

After a few minutes Teresa got up and went to the other couch (Alicia, her girlfriend, was sitting there). So it was only Julia, Raquel, and me. You may remember my description of Julia, and the photo of the girl whose face is similar to hers. You know – blond, chin-length hair, cute face, curvy body. She was wearing tight jeans and a black t-shirt, with long sleeves. Raquel is thin. Just so you have an idea, she’s slightly curvier than me, and she has breasts that are more than a handful. Her skin is pale and freckled, her hair is long, and also dark and curly. She was wearing loose, striped pants (which look a little like pajama’s pants to me) and a grey t-shirt.

So we were all lying there, with Raquel in the middle of Julia and I, talking. Someone turned the lights off, and that’s when things started to happen. Like I said in a previous e-mail, I didn’t see it coming. So when I noticed that Raquel and Julia were making out, I felt a little out of place, not knowing what to do. And that’s when Julia brought a hand to my back and caressed me, and when, if I recall correctly, Raquel grabbed my thigh. She had her back to me, and I pressed my pussy against her ass and kissed her neck, while my hand reached Julia’s breasts, or some other part of her…

My memory of the events following this point is really blurry. But I know that the following events happened, in no particular order:

  • We all took our clothes off, except for our panties. Mine was black. Raquel’s was grey. But I don’t recall (or didn’t see?) the color of Julia’s.

  • I kissed and licked Raquel’s breasts while she did the same to Julia.

  • Both girls masturbated me, though Raquel had a better angle, so she did it for (much) longer. And she was good. She made me come hard.

  • Julia and I teamed up to masturbate Raquel – while Julia fucked her fingers in and out of Raquel’s pussy, I gave attention to her clit.

  • To sum it up, everyone masturbated everyone, a lot.

  • I didn’t kiss Julia’s mouth – our faces were too distant, so it didn’t happen. But Raquel and I made out a lot.

I’m sure there’s more I’m not recalling, but you get the picture… It was a ton of fun. My pussy was literally dripping. (All pussies there were).

Oh. There were a few moments in which I felt a little uncomfortable (I guess threesomes can be complicated), but the whole thing was making my pussy so hot that my discomfort didn’t get in the way.

Also, Julia and I talked this morning about our night, and again, things are not at all weird between us. It all feels pretty natural, actually.

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