Me: Questions for you to ponder: will we meet right away in the bar? Or will I enjoy looking at you from a distance for a bit? 5:30 PM
Me: Will I ask you to remove your panties before we leave the bar? 5:31 PM
Me: Will I slide my fingers into you in public? 5:31 PM
Me: Will you feel my cock in the bar? 5:32 PM
Me: How will my hand feel on your ass? 5:32 PM
Me: Will your panties be wet the first time I touch them? (Yes.) 5:34 PM
Me: Will I let you suck my cock? (maybe) 5:38 PM
Me: Will I watch you play with yourself for me? (maybe) 5:39 PM
Me: Will you strip for me? (almost certainly) 5:39 PM
Me: Will I lick your clit? (maybe) 5:39 PM
Me: Will you cum in the bar? 5:41 PM
Me: Will we speak before we kiss? 5:42 PM
You: Fuck 5:44 PM
Me: Will we speak at ALL? (don’t worry too much) 5:52 PM
You: I’m not worried 5:55 PM
Me: 🙂 5:55 PM
Me: good 5:55 PM
Me: But are you wet? 5:57 PM
You: Very much so 5:58 PM
You: Too bad I want to take a shower before I see you 5:58 PM
Me: You’ll get wet again 5:59 PM
You: I don’t doubt it 6:00 PM
You: Also it will be fun to get sudsed up and touch myself a bit in the shower before I prepare and dress for you 6:00 PM
Me: Pics. 6:02 PM
You: We’ll see 6:04 PM
Me: Will I let you cum at all? 6:10 PM
You: Guess ill have to see about that as well 6:11 PM
Me: What will I order you to drink? 7:04 PM
Me: Will I fuck you? 7:05 PM
Me: Will you fuck me? 7:05 PM
Me: What does my cock taste like? 7:05 PM
Me: Will my skin be soft? 7:09 PM
Me: Or rough? 7:10 PM
Me: And keep the smell of your pussy on your fingers fresh for me, if you would. 7:39 PM
You: I heard you 🙂 7:55 PM
You: Jumping in the shower 8:53 PM
Me: Yum. 9:00

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