I don’t feel like writing

There’s lots to write, all sorts of fun, hot stuff, but I’m just not in the mood. A wise writer I know once suggested that when I don’t want to write, the thing to do is to write about that feeling. But I don’t even want to do that. So here I am, writing about how I don’t want to write about what I don’t want to write about.

There’s nothing wrong – I’m not unhappy, out of sorts, or anything. If anything, quite the contrary: I’m feeling pretty relaxed and comfortable, heading into the holidays. We have some fun family stuff planned, and I’m honestly looking forward to a bit of a vacation. We’ll be going places warm and cold both, which is lovely. And we’ll be spending lots of family time, which is (mostly) lovely.

Here’s hoping my appetite for sharing grows again in coming days.


  1. Feeling the same way, not wanting to write even with ideas tumbling around upstairs. I have though, but about nothing much except books. I feel no pressure at all about the impending holiday, which probably isn’t a good thing or maybe it is. I feel great right now so that’s a plus.

    Heading for warmth too. Should be a blast so long as the young adults get along which is oftentimes not the case. Enjoy your time.

  2. As I often say : there’s always tomorrow… or the day after! We’re not going anywhere, so whenever you’re ready to share, we’ll be glad to read.

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