Petite chicks

I love ’em tiny.

Some while back, I wrote about my insane, unquenchable, out-of-the-blue hunger for a redhead. Any redhead. I wrote that I don’t usually crave a type – sometimes I crave sex, and sometimes I crave sex with a specific person. But prior to that hankering, I don’t think I ever had found myself thinking, “Now that’s what I want right now – a specific type of woman.”

But this morning, after going for a walk with L (who happens to be super-hot, and super-petite), I passed a super-hot, and super-petite, woman. Notwithstanding L’s super-hotness and super-petiteness, this woman I passed after my walk with L was a horse of another color altogether: L is slender and tiny. This other woman? All curves. Her waist was tiny, but her hips flared out. Her shirt was tight, but her breasts were big. And still, she was lucky if she reached 5’0”, and might have weighed 95 lbs. on a heavy day.

I took one glimpse at this woman.

And I was swamped with desire.

Not for her, exactly, so much as for a tiny woman. I wanted to feel her body yield to my forcefulness, to pull her toward me, on me, to throw her around, to feel my strength revealed in her pliability under my touch. The sensation of her body coming toward me when I pull her by the ass, of her head powerless to resist as I pull her lips to mine, or her mouth onto my cock. Of her body flying back on the bed as I push her down, of her legs spreading wide, or back, or both, as I dive down between them and press on them with my palms to give me greater access…. To feel her body recoil as my cock presses into her, as my hips meet hers. To feel my weight pin her down, to feel her hips glide back and forth on me as I drive her forward, backward. All these sensations are possible, available, with bigger women, sure; but they’re so much more potent with a tiny one.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship to fucking lately – talking with T about it, writing about it, and one thing that I know is true is that somehow, the idea of fucking a tiny woman is infinitely more appealing to me, generically, than the idea of fucking a bigger woman.

Oral? I love oral with just about any woman – I love giving it, love getting head. But if I’m gonna fuck you, and I’m gonna do it right? Really? Your tininess is a huge turn-on to me.

So on that “sex surrogate” fantasy I had, one in which I find a woman to “work” with me on the whole fucking question, she either should be super-tiny.

Or not.

Winking smile

[A note: When I had my hankering for a redhead, I was able to slake that thirst, just a bit, on my Tumblr – with dozens of pictures of hot gingers. But petite women? It’s much harder. Not because there isn’t porn featuring tiny women – lots of hot models are tiny. No, because, unless she’s in a sexual act with a man, her size is hard to discern in most porn. And even then, all I can gauge is her size relative to the man with whom she’s sexing. So porn isn’t much of a help. Oh well.]


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