I try to write soul-searching, introspective exploration of my sexuality. I like reading others embarked on the same project.

Jillian Keenan has written a terrific, honest exploration of her appetite for spanking in, of all places, The New York Times.

I recommend it heartily. She digs pretty deep here – about as deep as a two-page article in a family newspaper possibly can go – and is wrenchingly honest about her evolving relationship to her mysterious (to her) desires.

Read it. And please, if you see other writing like this, I’d be grateful if you called my attention to it.

[Note: It’s written from/for a pretty vanilla stance – “vanilla,” for example, is defined as the term used by spankophiles to describe non-spankophiles. But if you’re deep in the kink scene, don’t let that put you off; her writing is powerful and deeply introspective.]


    1. One minor complaint I have: I think she’s talking about a kink, not a fetish. A fetish is a technical term that refers to a sexual relationship to non-human objects, like shoes, or leather. Spanking isn’t a fetish. I think….

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