Anna Camp is V

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young woman named Véronique.

She used to suck my cock, dress for me, crawl for me, take my spankings, make videos and take photos for me, spread her creamy thighs for me, and generally, do precisely as I asked.

Today, V is no more.

But the other day, Anna Camp entered my life, as Caitlin D’arcy in “The Good Wife.” I’ve never noticed Anna Camp before, somehow. As Caitlin, she is V.

Of course, she’s not exactly V. But she sure is reminiscent of her. From her build to her hair to her intelligence, watching Caitlin act might just be the next best thing to having V kneel between my legs.

(Well, maybe not the next best thing, but as close as I’ll get for the time being, so it’ll just have to do.)


Seems it may, finally, be time for me to watch “True Blood,” if, as the photos below suggest, I’ll get to see her kneel, and lick.





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